Valentines Day Scam

Retailers pay a lot of attention to store walk-ins; in fact they can rightfully claim to be experts. But they don’t know diddly squat about customer service. An example. Through I steer clear of the Valentines Day scam this year I decided to get something from RedEnvelope. Click click and I was at the shipping options page (this was turning out to be easier than I thought). The system presented 3 options, slow shipping, quick shipping and delivery on Valentines Day. I clicked option 3. Obviously. Imagine my shock when last night (on the 13th) I get my ‘thank you for the lovely gift’ call. I paid RedEnvelope 90% more (for shipping) to do just one thing and they screwed that up. Why spend 6 bucks on customer acquisition when service is so bad that customers have no incentive to return?

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