The Cardinal Rule

Compelling online experiences (not traffic) drive sales. Consider a company like which is able to generate annualized web revenues of $169 Million through just 739,000 online monthly visitors. Translation: every customer that walks into (with or without an intention to buy) ends up spending $19 dollars (and change) at the store. That’s a really big deal and I believe it is heavily influenced by BlueNile’s ability to create a truly compelling and differentiated online experience. Instead of throwing money at just bringing people to their site BlueNile has chosen (quite wisely) to focus on making sure that those in their store end up buying.

Update: Since I wrote this post I received serious flack for my elders. They attribute this $19/visit to the expensive items at I disagree. This figure was derived by a numerator (revenue) and a denominator (buyers). Because wedding rings are a high consideration item it follows people look around quite a bit. This inflates the number ‘just browsing’ visits (denominator) to thus effectively canceling the effect of the numerator. Comments? opinions? please share.

4 thoughts on “The Cardinal Rule

  1. Havent seen it yet, there is no link for one click surfing, but IMHO the cardinal rule for all selling is to create an athmosphere of generosity. Something like: Here we felt at home, we want to take something with us.

  2. [Fisch] you are exactly right…. that is the cardinal rule!

    By the way…. what did your previous comment mean? you asked “Downloading or streaming?” I did not follow….

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