Online Retailing For Dummies

While online retailing is considered a highly complex science involving deep understanding of aspirational behavior in reality it’s a rather simple practice. In the online world simple ideas have mega-impact. An illustration:

Irrespective of the product category the equation ‘shipping charge > product price’ is always a losing proposition, so why does IKEA indulge in it?


The only instance where I can see this working is online narcotics trade.

The same rule applies for gift wrapping. For products where price of the product is less than the gift wrapping charge I’d like to see log files on what % of people actually go ahead with the option. Posted below is an example from

PetSmart product page

Observe the green sections of the image above. Posted below is the pop up about giftwrapping:

PetSmart GiftWrap page

Not everything about this checkout process is bad, adding the Hacker Safe logo right next to the ‘add to cart button’ is a great idea!

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