Definition – Departure Trend

Departure Trend is any sudden unexpected event that can be used by marketers for promotion. Examples:

– An unexpected warm day in Chicago in mid November might be a good time to promote high ticket items
– A sudden winning streak by the Detroit Pistons might influence fans to buy more
– News of lead poisoning in toys might make people Google phrases like “lead free toys”

3 thoughts on “Definition – Departure Trend

  1. […] Toward higher response rates Quantity centric attempts to improve email marketing effectiveness is far too scattered a strategy to ever have metric level dependability. However, it is true that people shop (more) when happy and this is an element marketers could consider when developing email marketing programs. And, it turns out, over a relatively large, related, sample size group behavior is astonishingly predictable. I call these events ‘Departure Trends‘. […]

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