The Costs (And Benefits) Of Showing Prices

If there is one unifying message in this blog it is that if you honestly care about your customer they will reward you in kind.

Today I was reading an article on online pricing at The author lists 8 strategies. I am reproducing strategy 2 for ya’ll: article

I cannot believe anyone would actually suggest this. is the for the furniture retail market and their website gets over 50,000 unique monthly hits.

One thought on “The Costs (And Benefits) Of Showing Prices

  1. Oh wow, it also makes it difficult for customers to print it out for their reference. Sheesh, for mid-to-high involvement purchases like a new couch or bed, it’s not unreasonable to think that customers would print out a product with price and then compare his/her options. Competitors can just write down your price even from a pop-up, so this “tip” makes little sense!

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