Re-pointing Bad Results

Marketers review searches on their eCommerce sites fairly regularly. The modus operandi is to redirect ‘0 results found’ terms to appropriate pages. While this is a good strategy it does not leverage on the wisdom of crowds. To really get a sense of what the query intended I would take that search term and paste it on Google to see what pops up.

I bought convertible mittens (this is how I describe them) from my local Macy’s but when I performed that search on their site got no results. Click on the images below to see the ‘live’ pages:

convertible mittens macy’s search.png

I certainly cannot expect to know the meaning of my made up term convertible mittens but I knew some smart online marketer would understand it so I performed the same search on Google and instantaneously found multiple exact results:

convertible mittens - Google searches.png

Retailers could greatly improve sites search results if they ran ‘0 results found’ on Google before pointing them to specific product pages.

PS: Just in case you were wondering what convertible mittens are here is an image: Convertible Gloves/Mittens

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