Which Channel Matters More…

Retailers (with offline businesses bigger than their online channel) would argue that their store shoppers fuel online sales. This argument is fair but these retailers also claim 95% of all online sales come from their offline shoppers. This I have a problem with. The percentage is large, I give them that, but it’s not 95%. I suspect around 60% of online sales are influenced by store shoppers.

There are many retailers whose store I would never physically visit (JoAnn, Michael’s and Autozone come to mind) but I wouldn’t mind visiting their site and reviewing their brand experience online. See, I believe online experiences can create offline loyalty.

One thought on “Which Channel Matters More…

  1. I agree, retailers can’t assume offline experiences drive 95% of sales. If that’s the case, your internet marketing program needs a lot of help. Search marketing, SEO, affiliate programs and comparison search, for example drive traffic and sales and expand beyond your geographic locations.

    Add to the mix how much search engines are throwing into local search (“one box” outranking many hard-earned organic listings), this has to have an influence too.

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