CASE STUDY: is a monster e-commerce site with over 621,000 unique monthly visitors (according to Here is a quick run on errors I noticed on the site.

Login. I tried playing with their ‘forgot login’ page:


Next page asks me for the answer to the reminder question; how do they even know what my username is?


Error page. I should have known.


Counter top appliances page: How exactly do I buy the stand mixer with bowl cup (you will notice the item is not for sale)?



What exactly is the extreme bed-in-a-bag? The site promises a price of $49.99 but the add to cart options don’t add up to that. In fact, no combination adds up to $49.99. What exactly are they selling on this page: extreme bed-in-a-bag, curtains or valances?

If it seems I am being over critical please factor in that I found these errors in under 5 minutes on the site. I was not really looking for anything in particular, just generally reviewing the buying interface.

Another case study: Wilsons leather

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