It’s Not Really A “Subscriber Exclusive” If Everyone Is Invited, Right?

This morning I got a special email from Wilsons Leather. The email informed me I was getting an exclusive additional 20% off for being a member of their mailing list. I was stoked.


But then, at the bottom of the promo I saw a link that let me forward the email to a friend. So I forwarded it to myself and discovered this offer was also valid for my friends who were not part of the mailing this.

But what really got me upset was when I went to and saw, right at the top of the page, the same discount on their homepage, open to everyone!


It is true that the free shipping with the 20% discount was indeed only for email subscribers. Had I been the marketing manager for the site I would have only sent information about free shipping to my subscribers and prevented them getting upset to discover that the special 20% discount was open for all.

add to cart for email list:


add to cart for rest:


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Really A “Subscriber Exclusive” If Everyone Is Invited, Right?

  1. they should have been offered this service only to the email subscribers, since you are into marketing profession you quickly got this, i don’t think so the customer will catch this point…what you say?

  2. @idris: I suspect the closing of 260 Wilsons Leather stores is somehow related to their marketing strategy. Secondly, even if the customer fails to catch this it does not make it a good marketing strategy. Sure, they might have more click-throughs but most customers will realize, right on the home page, that the sale is ‘non-exclusive’

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