Whenever clients inquire on tips to attract new users I always suggest they focus on core audience and use them to expand brand footprint. Classic evangelism. I still believe this is the most cost effective and enduring way to acquire new customers but propagating a brand story one customer at a time can be very slow. For a product like Ambient Umbrella the word will spread fast but the truth is 98% of products will never generate this kind of buzz. Mass advertising is way too expensive and evangelism is too slow so what is the way out? Burstvertising. The concept behind burstvertising is simple, 90% of the time the company executes marketing strategy focussed on evangelism but then 10% of the time they use a burst channel. An example would be what Garrettwade did yesterday when they bought huge inventories of banner ads on major networks. I now believe this approach may be the one that delivers maximum impact for retailers.

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