Updating Product Descriptions Might Just Drive Sales

InternetRetailer ran a very interesting piece on how constant updates help with rankings.  Makes complete sense.  Here is what they say:

“Search engine web crawlers constantly check for new content to index on web sites, which can affect a site’s ranking in natural search results. Thus, it pays to ensure that sites are presenting crawlers with new and unduplicated information, experts say.”

They also go on to talk about how altering layout and improving string structure helps.  These suggestions, however, seem quite complex so I’d advice small retailers with limited SKU’s to periodically rewrite content on their product pages.  One approach to writing constantly evolving product descriptions is discussed in this post.

3 thoughts on “Updating Product Descriptions Might Just Drive Sales

  1. I agree and think I can confirm this first hand. First, I think one of the reasons ecommerce store owners often use the manufacturer’s product description is because it’s the easiest way to build your product pages, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of products. That being said, of course the easy way isn’t the best way.

    An example… I just did a test and searched for the following very unique phrase (with quotes), “hatch in a fascinating prehistoric aquatic environment.” Google results pulled up thirty something results, mostly sites selling Uncle Milton’s Aquasaurs kit. Not surprising is that this string is from the manufacturer’s description of the product.

    Next I searched for “Aquasaurs” and the top results had product descriptions that you could easily tell were uniquely written by that store owner. While this content is still usually static, it is at least unique and not competing with all the other stores who used the same product description.

    I’ve been trying to pick a few of my most popular products every day or so and rewrite their product description to something unique. It’s a slow process, but in the long run I’m hoping it will pay off…

  2. Very informative article Rishi, Thank you.

    I have seen many retail website with no unique product description in the product page. I agree with you that constant update can improve search ranking but one thing not to be missed out is that updated product description should have popular keywords plugged in and this can definitely make wonders in search engine optimization.

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