Competing With Nordies

Nordstrom has built a reputation for customer service.  Nordies (Nordstrom staff) are not your standard batch of cheap hourly labor, oh no, Nordies do something quite extraordinary – they elevate the shopping experience.  The book Made to Stick lists a few stories:

— The Nordie who ironed a new shirt for a customer who needed it for a meeting that afternoon
— The Nordie who cheerfully gift wrapped products a customer bought at Macy’s
— The Nordie who warmed customers’ cars in winter while they finished shopping
— The Nordie who made last-minute delivery of party clothes to a frantic hostess
— The Nordie who refunded money for a set of tire chains — although Nordstrom doesn’t sell tire chains

You might convince yourself online shopping is all about convenience but are you doing enough to make your site sticky in customers’ minds?

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