The eCommerce Bubble

In a definite sign that ecommerce platform space is getting too crowded Omniture has gone ahead with the purchase of Mercado’s Site Search and Online Merchandising platforms.

Mercado’s customers include: Macy’s, OfficeMax, REI,, B&H Photo Video and Williams Sonoma.

As recently as February ’08 Mercado was undergoing a re-brand when, in my opinion, they should have been focused on saving their sinking ship.

In the ecommerce world Omniture is one of the few companies that has developed a voracious appetite for acquisitions and in recent years they’ve purchased: Offermatica, Visual Sciences and UK based TouchClarity.

The Mercado business is well known to Omniture and the companies have collaborated on areas like site search and analytics in the past.

Mercado had raised nearly $65 million in VC monies and was bought for a mere $6.5 million.  That’s as good as a bargain deal can get.

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