A Personal Note

As a multichannel retail strategist I am genuinely excited about online commerce.  One could even say I’m obsessed.  Reviewing ecommerce sites and reading latest ecommerce trends, stats and best practices can be quite boring for someone lacking natural interest in the subject.  Now, by no way should one confuse enthusiasm with erudition.

This wide-eyed enthusiasm is what I use to reach out to the long tail of retailing.  I see huge unrealized potential in this segment and when I make a pitch I try and give personalized recommendations and share as much as is possible without a contract.  But not everyone talks back.  This makes me believe that either retailers are on top of their game and have already tried my recommendations and seen that they did not work or they are clueless about the paradigm shift in the marketplace.  A few days ago AdAge reported Procter & Gamble had a “supplier summit” where it also invited 40 media companies to tap for ideas ranging from new products to new ways of marketing them.  If ginormus companies like P&G are listening to ideas from outsiders, shouldn’t you?

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