Six Dimensions Of Ecommerce

If you are an online retailer make sure your store stands out on at least one of the following dimensions:

— unique product (that is very very hard to find elsewhere)
— lowest price (biggest discount)
— largest selection
— friendliest policies (shipping, return, membership discount etc)
— uniquest content (heartfelt editorial, video, superb product photography etc)
— most innovative features (filter options, in stock reminder, gift finder, return-o-meter etc)

If your store has none of these qualities I guarantee you’ll never pay off that loan you took to build the estore.

3 thoughts on “Six Dimensions Of Ecommerce

  1. Hey Mike, I totally agree. Lowest prices is impossible to maintain (unless you are a Wal-Mart) and I personally don’t think retailers should focus on that attribute. But, it is an available differentiating attribute so I listed it. I think what you refer to as copywriting I call ‘heartfelt editorial’ so here too we are on the same page. Both sites you shared have superb copy, great find.

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