Reeling In First Time Visitors

It’s very likely that over 60% of your site traffic is generated through first time (and maybe last time) visitors.  So makes it a point to welcome first time visitors:

And then takes them to this page:

When visitors enter a site through a link (on a search engine, blog article, affiliate source etc) they’re often traveling at high speeds.  And at those speeds they’re guided by instincts.  For someone visiting for the first time the line “First Time Here?” acts like a speed bump.  Why does this matter?  Because a visit that lasts under 10 seconds never leads to a sale.  But once a visit crosses the 10 second mark the visitor has made a conscious commitment and this is when we can rationally talk to them about the merits of our products.  Melton Tackle uses their first time visitor page to achieve post 10 second nirvana.

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