Unarticulated Needs

I like a lot of things about this product page (http://www.level8technology.com/apple-macbook-black-13-inch-battery-10269)-

1. Nice 360 degree rotating product display
2. Good use of scarcity (In Stock: 22)
3. Point of assurances (100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty)
4. Detailed specs
5. Multiple product name mentions on the page

What I don’t like is the product description …

… because it doesn’t really address the reason why people replace batteries.  I would add two new elements to the copy-

1.  Intro text:

Do you miss the battery performance when your MacBook was brand new?

We believe 3 hour battery life sucks, which is why we’re confident you’ll like our 6-Cell custom engineered 13-inch MacBook battery.

2. Their product specs don’t mention battery life:

I would mention that.  Why? Because battery life is the single biggest point of consideration when replacing a battery.

What unarticulated needs are you leaving unanswered?

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