Leverage the Medium

If you are an e-tailer selling women’s shoes, handbags or jewelry you have one giant disadvantage- you can’t offer shoppers instant touch, feel or fit.  This would be your biggest weakness against brick-and-mortar stores.  And this is the problem, most e-tailers obsess about their weaknesses instead of focusing on their strengths.  The Venn diagram below encourages us to reverse this thinking-

Strengths of shoedazzle.com-

1. Their team of fashion stylists are tastemakers.  While such experts can be expensive, by distributing their fees over 1000s of shoppers the site is debuting a high-end service to a price-conscious market.

2. With one site ShoeDazzle can serve customers all over the US.

3. Many of their featured items are manufactured in-house thus offering the company better margin control.

4. “Skip a month” is a brilliant feature.  It completely eliminates all end-user risk while giving ShoeDazzle the opportunity to reactivate a dormant customer every 30-days.

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