Absolute Probability

Most e-tailers understand the power of testing.  The problem is that they hate tests that fail and love those that win.  What they fail to understand is that failing and winning tests in combination make a healthy testing strategy.  I learn more from failing tests because these are the ones where I’m trying truly novel ideas.

I’m currently reading the book The Road Ahead.  Bill Gates wrote the book in 1995.  On page 105 where Bill is peering into the future he says, “Mobile devices will be able to send and receive messages, but it will be expensive and unusual to use them to receive an individual video stream.”

Bill was wrong.  On his journey to becoming the world’s richest man he made 100s of misjudgments.  Had be been hyper focused on avoiding all mistakes I doubt he would have achieved his full potential.

So stop worrying and start celebrating both winners and losers.

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