Mighty Small

Nankin Battery is a one location car/motorcycle battery shop in my neighborhood–

This small business has some serious disadvantages:

1. Higher costs (because of higher per item overhead)
2. Smaller selection (small shop)
3. Limited reach (1 location)

If the business owner spends her entire day stressing over her much larger online competitors she’ll want to shut shop.  But Nankin Battery has some serious advantages too:

1. They can offer free battery status inspection for people who aren’t quite sure if they need a replacement.  Online retailers can’t offer this.
2. They can install the battery for a small fee.  Online retailers can’t offer this.
3. They can greet walk-in customers with a warm smile.
4. They can listen to the customer’s questions and provide customized responses.  Online retailers can only list the product description and hope it answers all shopper questions.
5. They can send their customers a postcard at the 3 year mark asking them to come in for a free battery status inspection.
6. They can handle old battery recycling for customers that purchase a new battery.  Online retailers will need to charge for shipping the heavy battery, which will make the offer unattractive.

Bottom line– If you are exceptional it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small.

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