Retarget Countdown

I’ve mentioned in the past that retargeting/remarketing is a big deal.  There is, however, one thing I don’t like about it–  if the ad shows up all the time it starts blending into the background (it becomes noise).  This AWeber ad has been retargeted to me 27 times…

We know shoppers react to urgency.  Infomercials show countdown timers.  This concept needs to be applied to retargeted ads.  Here is a mock-up-

Next time I see this ad 4 (in the message above) will become 3, and then 2 and finally 1.  My hunch is that by adding the countdown AWeber will see higher clickthrough rates.

Note: this isn’t something AWeber could add (even if they wanted to), Google and other retargeting platforms have to add the feature.

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