Daily Special

Sometimes one finds great ideas from the least expected places.  The iPhone app world is highly competitive; in order to generate mass appeal app developers are forced to keep prices low (mostly free) but in order to make a living they must generate profits.  So they have to think outside the box.

Here is a great example.  Last Friday I noticed STREET FIGHTER was #1 in Apple’s Top 25 Apps list.  When I visited the product page I was presented a very compelling offer:

They were offering a huge 71.5% discount just for July 1st.  How lucky for me, I caught the promo on July 1st.

While the promo is super compelling my fear was that it would cannibalize sales for 7/2 onwards because anyone visiting this page after 7/1 would sense psychological loss for having missed 7/1 pricing.  I was curious to know how STREET FIGHTER was planning to solve this.  So I visited the next morning and here is what I saw:

People who visit on 7/2 don’t know about 7/1 pricing, therefore they can’t feel a loss.  In fact, people visiting on 7/2 think they’re the lucky ones to be getting the best discount.  Great tactic.  Question is, are you willing to test this strategy on your product page?

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