A Great Point of View

Rob Snell wrote a guest post on wilsonweb.com (article link) where he emphasized a very important idea- track lifetime value of your product pages.

Lessons I drew from the article–

If you have an unchanged product page that’s generated $10,000 in in-the-hand profits over last 3 years maybe it’s time to make an investment in your cash cow–

1. Study the treasure trove of customer reviews/emails about this product over last 3 years (questions, praise, criticism, etc).  Use those reviews/emails to further enhance page content.

2. Invest in higher quality product photos.  If old photos modeled stationary shots add photos that show product in use.

3. Add a video intro to the page– demo the product, explain assembly, construction quality, value, etc.

4. Having sold this item for over 3 years you’ve undoubtedly developed a deeper product understanding.  Does your content reflect things you’ve learned over last 3 years?

5. Having sold this item for 3 years you should have seen a clear buyer profile.  You may have noticed this item is popular among first-time buyers who arrive via search and are mostly male.  Could product page content be tweaked to speak more persuasively to this well defined group?

Writing new content is hard and it’s hard for an e-tailer to decide where to focus effort.  But if you know how much net profits a particular product page generates it’s easy to prioritize.

As a product page generates income, as your product knowledge expands, content richness should follow suit.

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