General Note

I’ve been writing this blog for 5 years now.  In those 5 years my RSS subscriber count has grown to 220.  A feat I’m quite proud of.  However, in the last year I’ve noticed a shift in trends.  Most newer members aren’t subscribing via RSS (maybe RSS technology has jumped the shark).  Now most new subscribers subscribe via email.  If you’ve been accessing this blog via RSS and find yourself using RSS less and less you might want to email subscribe as well.  Steps involved in email subscribing–

1. Visit
2. On bottom right corner of screen you will notice this call to action (pointed by blue arrow)–

Clicking it will allow you to enter your email address.

Now, every Monday morning when I publish a new conversion idea it’ll be beamed straight to your inbox.  If you don’t like RSS or email you can just follow me on Twitter (@BetterRetail).

One thought on “General Note

  1. I think RSS is a thing of the past. Only techies ever really understood it. It’s way to complicated for the average user who doesn’t even know what an RSS reader is. Following by Facebook, Twitter or email I think is the wave of the future.

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