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Most sites draw attention to their product reviews in one of these formats (blue boxes below)– does something different–

What I like about their approach is that they display percentage of reviewers that recommend this item.  Now, this feature isn’t new, it comes standard with tools like PowerReviews.  The big difference is that in PowerReviews implementation percentage of customers that recommend a product info is displayed within product review section, which is seen AFTER the visitor clicks reviews link (example–  On this information is displayed BEFORE the visitor clicks reviews link.  So, on even before a visitor starts reading reviews they are “primed” with the knowledge that 98% of customers recommend this product.  And even visitors who don’t want to read reviews now know 98% of customers recommend this product.  The fact that they didn’t have to click reviews link to learn this fact might seem like a tiny incremental improvement, but over hundreds of thousands of site visitors this difference adds up to quite a bit.

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July 2, 2012 at 5:34 am

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