Helping Shoppers Search Quickly sells 1000s of business cards (among other things).

I saw this ad …


… so I clicked it.  That took me to this page–



What I love about this landing page is that it was designed for someone arriving from the ad. realizes when shoppers are presented with 168 X 24 = 4,032 card designs (too many options) they use the search interface.  But instead of trying to make the search bar more visible through subtle tweaks shows it as a popup, thus making it impossible to miss.  They realize faster visitors get to their desired design higher the likelihood they’ll convert.

Another nifty feature: Since I entered via ‘business cards’ ad knows that’s what I’m interested it.  Now when I type on my browser I’m redirected to their “business cards” section.  I can return to homepage by clicking Vistaprint logo on top left corner.

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