Expanding Search Box

Allrecipes.com knows site visitors use Site Search extensively to hunt for recipes.  But allrecipes.com needs to use screen real-estate judiciously, thus search box can’t be too big.  How does one satisfy these two opposing realities?

Allrecipes has found a solution.  When a visitor clicks Site Search box they dynamically make it bigger—

Will this idea work on your site?  A/B test it.

One thought on “Expanding Search Box

  1. […] Make your search bar omnipresent. Make it unashamedly tag along the visitors as they explore the hidden corners of your homepage. If they are at the bottom of your page, don’t make them scroll all the way up to find the search box. Feed them with a spoon the way Flipkart does above. If you don’t have enough space to give prominent display to the search box, take a cue from allrecipes.com. When a visitor clicks the site search box on their homepage, it dynamically becomes bigger. […]

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