Micro Conversions Matter

Labrada.com is a sports nutrition site that sells to people who are into body building and losing weight.  They understand that once a shopper believes in the Labrada brand they’ll buy Labrada nutrition products on a regular basis.  This is why when a new visitor comes to their site they don’t aggressively push product sales.  Their primary goal is to get shoppers to learn more about the brand.  Getting the shopper’s email address is the target.  And this is why their top navigation has a prominent call-to-action for the email signup.  But it isn’t just that, they’ve designed this email signup in a very specific and persuasive way—


1: They’ve shown a picture of Lee Labrada (name behind the brand).  Eye tracking studies show our brains are programmed to zoom in on pictures of faces.
2: Lee Labrada signature has been positioned right next to email signup.
3: They’re offering a 12 Week Body Transformation book as a bonus gift for signup.
4: The picture of Lee Labrada has been strategically positioned so that it is partially obstructed by email signup box.  Think this isn’t deliberate?  Think again.

2 thoughts on “Micro Conversions Matter

  1. email list building is becoming increasingly important to build loyalty and increase repeat sales. I believe, for a brand like this, even using a Welcome Gate (Groupon style) email signup strategy might not be a bad idea.

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