A Request

Please don’t force browsers to show a warning message that could freak shoppers when they land on your site.  I saw this when I visited halfpricedrapes.com from my desktop computer—


Without even seeing actual opt-in rates for this pop-up I can bet it’s less than 15%.  And the 15% that do allow halfpricedrapes.com to know their location probably click it by mistake.  If you’re going to try a strategy like this please either A/B test it or annotate date of change in Google Analytics and measure bounce rate metrics for first week.  If you see a 10% spike in bounce rate it’s probably due to this location request popup.

Want to see other common mistakes e-tailers make?  Here is a listing of 41.

9 thoughts on “A Request

  1. They should also probably A/B test the name of their website. I thought it was a typo in your post because I didn’t read their URL as half price drape. I read it as half priced rape.

    Btw, the list to the list of 41 needs to be updated.

      • Derek said: I read it as half priced rape.
        Rishi: Holy cow. Didn’t see that coming. Great point.

        Derek said: Btw, the link to the list of 41 needs to be updated.
        Rishi: The link works for me. Did you click it and scroll down? The page doesn’t list all 41; you will need to click the “Older Entries” link at bottom of page. Let me know if you are seeing anything different.

  2. Yep, I had the same reaction looking at their url… Even if it was only a momentary bit of confusion, I think subconsciously people will associate their site the same way. My bet would be that it affects sales negatively too.

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