Interesting— Pay with Two Debit/Credit Cards presents an interesting option on their payment page (red arrow in screenshot below)—


When “Pay with two debit/credit cards” is clicked an additional payment option appears where you can split payment between two credit/debit cards—


Does this add friction or solve a problem?

2 thoughts on “Interesting— Pay with Two Debit/Credit Cards

  1. It certainly adds friction. Unless you have the accounting software to accommodate this, good luck. I reluctantly agreed to this when I had a book at NY Comic Con and it was the biggest headache with Quickbooks.

    While I realize some people have so much on their debit card, it doesn’t add up on a website where you can buy a song for $1.09 or whatever a single song goes for right now. On the other hand, it would make more sense for items that are higher prices like Apple’s devices.

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