VIP Priority Processing

Noticed something new and am not sure if it’s a bad idea or a brilliant one.  On when you add an item to cart, and start checkout process, this popup appears—


At one level it feels brilliant because $2.95 is a small enough fee but at the same time I feel it may end up annoying anyone who doesn’t want to take the offer.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “VIP Priority Processing

  1. I’ve thought of this for my website. But I wouldn’t include how many orders I get a day. 500 comes across as manipulative. It’s useful on a website for customers who orders something that’s time-sensitive such as a last-minute birthday gift rather than sprinklers.

    • The only thing about sprinklers is that (I guess) when a sprinkler breaks it needs to be fixed immediately— thus the sense of urgency. Which is what might be optimizing for with this $2.95 offer. Derek, you should totally test is on your site and comment back so we can know how this worked for you.

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