Prices Go Up

Most sites that are running an ad say something like- Sale ends October 22nd.

Wonder what would happen if they changed that line to- Prices go up October 22nd?

4 thoughts on “Prices Go Up

  1. I can’t think of any well to tell. Too bad there isn’t a way to have two different webpages, Page A and Page B, show up half the time and see which performs better.

  2. Rishi – that is is an excellent idea to test. A couple reasons:

    1) It is different than what shoppers are used to hearing, so the message will stand out much better. “Sale ends October 22” is boring, and is easily ignored.

    2) The version “Prices go up on October 22” induces a fear, which can be a very strong motivator.

    You should test this – and share the results.

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