How “Play” Drives Conversions

There are 2 types of readers of my blog, people who prefer video and those who prefer the written format (I’m looking at your Lars).

Written format:

There are 7 levers (that I know of at this point in time) to influence potential shoppers. One of them is PLAY. Play is a tactic where you employ an interactive element to subliminally communicate your marketing message. Why go through the trouble of constructing an interactive element to pitch your marketing message? Because we’re living in a world saturated with marketing messages (if I had a penny every time I hear “we’re #1” I’d be 87 pennies rich). As a result, shoppers immediately discount marketing hyperbole (System 1 in action). If as a marketer you want to communicate your value prop you need to use PLAY. This is how uses it:

1: This show this interactive element (notice how enticing it is):


2: Once you make a selection you’re shown this:


3: Finally, the answer is revealed:


Guess what specializes in solving for retailers??

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