Geotargeted PPC

While driving through Kentucky I did a search for wayfarer and saw this ad (screenshot below). Notice how Kentucky has been dynamically inserted into PPC copy:


Running the same search in Michigan showed this:


Really smart.

Wayfair used Serendipity and geotargeting to connect with me as a potential customer. By adding my state to their Google Adwords, I as a shopper am more likely to believe that the product can meet my specific needs and wants. People aren’t a monolith—they are individuals with distinct backgrounds. Use that knowledge to your advantage by personalizing your marketing messaging for them.

Geotargeted Reviews

For years I’ve been thinking about a test idea that combines these 2 facts–

1: Shoppers are more likely to convert when they can read reviews.

2: For a shopper in [Michigan] reading a review of another shopper who also happens to live in [Michigan] is a strong influencer.  Here [Michigan] can be any state.

And then, I discovered a page on that does exactly that.  They show an interactive map of North America and you can click on any state and see reviews from that state.  Naturally shoppers from North Carolina will click on their home state.  Here is a screenshot of the idea–


And here’s the live page (you have to check it out!).

What’s Better Than Customer Reviews? …

… reviews of customers who live near you. understands this and that’s why they have a cool feature called “Search For Reviews In Your Zip Code:”—


The shopper can enter their zip code and see listing of reviews of shoppers near them—


Basically re-sorts reviews starting from the searcher’s zip code.

This is a good tactic for sites that have a large number of geographically wide customer reviews.

Illinois Residents Pay No Sales Tax

This is a great example of personalization.  The first thing I noticed on was that I wouldn’t have to pay sales tax with the purchase.  Observe bottom right corner of screenshot–


Anyone visiting the site (barring Florida, which is where is based) will see the same message with Illinois replaced by their state name.  This is what Michiganders see–


Another retailer that uses geo-location cleverly is  Observe red box below–


Here is how Crutchfield uses geo-location (observe blue arrows below)–


And finally, this is what does– is based out of New York. I live in Michigan. When I visit their homepage this is the welcome message that greets me: