Customized Product Comparison Table

There is one really important aspect of improved conversions: when you let the user drive their own experience they convert at a higher rate. understands this. When you go to their comparison page instead of showing a table with 3 pre-selected competitors Drip allows users to select the competitors they want to compare Drip against, thus improving the relevancy of the comparison.

This is how the page looks when you first get to it (


And this is what I see after I add my 2 selections (Pardot and MailChimp):


No Michigan Sales Tax

Personalization works—


When I see a message like screenshot above (pointed by blue arrow) the thought that crosses my mind is, “Michigan residents don’t have to pay sales tax.  I’m a Michigan resident.  Awesome.”

Turns out, this kind of location based targeting is pretty simple.  Just add a piece of free javascript code ( to your site and then the code will know the visitor’s state by looking up their IP address.

Social Sharing

On when you get to cart page they have a clever design element that shows a partial 5% off coupon code—


On click we see this popup—


The idea is pretty simple, shoppers who are incentivized by the discount can access it by letting their Twitter or Facebook friends know about the order.

Idea described above is a plug and play widget by, so you can implement it on your site too.