Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Hat tip to Paige Kusmierz for sharing this.

Expedia is in the business of maximizing profits (you should be too). And the highest margin item one can sell is insurance. So Expedia pushes hard for it. But instead of just pushing it they show a real customer story to drive home their point:


Shoppers care way more about the opinion of Mary C from Gloucester than Expedia’s marketing machine. And Expedia knows this.

And the best part is Expedia can A/B/C/n test many travel insurance customer stories to discover the customer review that’s most persuasive.

Credit Card Field

For any ecommerce store capturing the credit card number is the most important step.  Therefore, it makes sense to have the most user-friendly credit card capture interface.  And Google has nailed this.

When you first click on their credit card box they show payment icons in the background of the text box.  Like this–


Then when you type the first digit of credit card they recognize the card type.  For example, if your first digit is 4 you have a VISA–


If your first digit is 5 you have a MasterCard–


This is an example of Trust.

Also, as you type your credit card number they add an extra space after every 4 digits to make it more readable (it also matches the way the numbers look on your physical card)–


What’s really crazy is that they seem to have some sort of real-time card validation going on because entering the fake 5555 5555 5555 5555 number threw up the red border error message. I have no idea how that’s done–


Anyway, the point is that this degree of attention to detail is what separates the champions from the rest.

This Week’s New Customers

Oxyfresh.com has a scrolling list of their new customers.  Nice idea.  Click image below to see live list-

Taking the idea one step further an etailer could use geolocation to identify visitor location and display new customers from that state.

This strategy works especially well for higher ticket, longer consideration items.  For example, if I was considering LASIK surgery and visited lasikplus.com seeing a real-time list of people (non PII data) getting surgery right now could be the push I need to pick the phone.

Another place where this could work well is bluenile.com where they could show a scrolling list of customers buying engagement rings.